A VINTAGE Watch Design Loved by Superstars, Royalty... and Me

There's something about this "Jackie Kennedy watch" that attracts me

I am a lover of :link Seiko watches https://www.seikowatches.com/ for quite some time so when I began searching for a handsome watch to displace my much old, clunker model (keep in mind what size they used to be?), I came across a classic-looking version that appeared to involve some background behind it. You'll see an image of the watch I came across below.

That which was intriguing, as I researched watches just a little further, would be that the watch I had been considering appeared as if an imitation of one which Jackie Kennedy wore when she is in mourning for the President. There's an incredibly well known snapshot of her putting on her watch here, too. Obviously, her watch was custom-designed by Cartier.

I've never been a "frilly" person, preferring customized clothing and vintage accessories - even in watches. I also like the appearance of something that says "quality," be it a watch, a blouse or footwear. Therefore, the Seiko I came across looks nearly the same as Jacqueline Kennedy's Cartier Container Solo - traditional and classy, yet affordable.

And I found out that the Smithsonian had created an incredibly close replica of the First Lady's Cartier watch. EASILY earn the lottery; maybe I'll consider the Container Single. Normally, it's a toss-up between your Seiko and the Smithsonian version.

Which do you like?

Jackie Kennedy putting on her Cartier Container Solo watch

This watch is such a classic... and today has affordable reproductions

In November 1963 after JFK was assassinated, Jacqueline Kennedy spent a complete year in mourning. She determined that, during those a year, she'd wear only dark clothing with reduced accessories. And, much of the right time, her only jewelry was a wristwatch.

This picture of Jacqueline Kennedy shows the classic design of the Cartier Tank watch she frequently wore, which is available as a replica through the Smithsonian collection.

Furthermore, other watchmakers have created similar designs that look smart but are affordable for daily wear.

A stylish watch is all you have to in accessories when you wish an understated, classy look... as you can see so portrayed in this photo elegantly.

Here is a very close imitation by Seiko... and the right Container Single by Cartier - Dark leather strap and platinum... classic

The Cartier Tank Single happens to be beyond my budget, but I came across this Seiko that appears nearly the same as the Tank. And it's affordable for everyday use. The look cannot be a defeat for a vintage; clean try looking in a watch.

I've possessed Seiko watches plus they are reliable and practical... and, of course... I'm a nut for the original look.

Amazon doesn't will have the Cartier Container Solo yellow metal watch in stock... however they will often have the Cartier stainless version readily available.

How come Cartier so favored by celebrities?

... And royalty?

Cartier is well known around the world because of its designs in jewelry and watches. The Cartier Company premiered in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier, and it continued to be in an order of the Cartier family until 1964, when it was sold to the Companies Financier Richmond SA, which owns Piaget also, Montana, and Alfred Dunhill, among others.

Cartier's reputation in the wonderful world of jewelry and watches has been given a lift by custom designs and sales to superstars and users of royalty, like the Duchess of Windsor, Ruler Edward VII, Jean Cocteau, Empress Eugenie, Princess Elegance of Monaco, and, of course, Jacqueline Kennedy's with her famous Container Solo watch.

I hadn't realized that Cartier bought and sold the Wish Gemstone, as well as the famous gemstone purchased by Richard Burton and directed by Elizabeth Taylor. ONCE I was more youthful... plus they were something... that gem made information big-time.

Quite simply, the name Cartier is a large deal when it comes to fine jewelry and watches.

Cartier Women's W5200004 Container Solo 18kt GOLD Case Watch.

The Cartier Tank Single watch includes a higher pedigree, an 18 karat gold face, and a black alligator strap. And an incredibly elegant design. It had been created in 1917 by Louis Cartier, and the Cartier website acknowledges the "countless variants" of the initial. But a Cartier Container has its personality and memorability.

When the First Woman is in mourning for President Kennedy, she wore a wrist watch such as this Cartier Tank Solo... as you will see in the picture of Jacqueline Kennedy above.

Princess Diana has been photographed putting on an extremely similar Cartier Container Single watch, as has Angelina Jolie. It's a vintage watch, desired by many... and adored by more. Whether it's in your finances, there's a solid chance you'll think it’s great.

Princess Diana is putting on her everyday watch through the Martin Bashir documentary - Do you remember viewing this interview on TV?

I looked at this interview with Princess Diana on Television in "real-time" and knew that the storybook was over immediately. Nothing you've seen prior experienced an associate of the Royal family been so candid in a general public location... nationwide (actually international) TV.

I used to be interested to see that Diana thought we would wear her dark leather music group watch - probably the Cartier Container she was frequently photographed wearing. This is why I'm displaying this video here.

Angelina Jolie frequently wears a Cartier Container watch

Here's a picture of Angelina Jolie in a wristwatch much like Jackie Kennedy's.

A government employee took this photo at the official function. Therefore, the size is quite small... however the watch is quite evident.

Michelle Obama is reported to be always a Cartier watch fan as well.

Given that your attention has been attracted to this vintage watch style... I have a hunch that you will see it on a lot more famous wrists.

That's what happened indeed to me. I acquired intrigued and held finding celebrities putting on the Cartier watch.

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